Summer and Dance Camps

This summer I had a great opportunity to spend some summery moments with dance, nature and new lovely people. I gave a two week workshop for elderly people at Koukkuniemi and a half-week dance camp for kids. Both workshops included movement of any kind, lots of laugh and valuable moments. They also included lots of work, problem solving and new challenges. In the end I was energized, full of life and thankful. Dance was the tool that brought us together; me, nurses, one 42-year old kid, kids and elderly people. I felt that dance invited us to spend time witheach other and communicate in a creative way. We had an open atmosphere and we could handle sorrows, share dreams and just have fun with some nonsense stuff. Thanks for all the participants and Cultural Center Pii Poo which made all this happen! Tomorrow, Friday 16th, I will go through some of these memories and moments in a solo-performance. It will happen at 16.00, Metso-library, Pietilä hall, Yhteisötanssi-festival, Tampere.

Yhteisötanssifestivaali 2014



Summery dances


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